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Hyperburner: Tips and Tricks to Master the Most Dangerous Courses

Hyperburner: A High-Speed Space Flier Game

Do you love speed, thrill, and sci-fi? If yes, then you should check out Hyperburner, a high-speed space flier game set in a distant colonial solar system. In this game, you pilot your ship through increasingly dangerous courses, dodging obstacles and enemies along the way. You can also unlock new ships and modes as you progress through the game. Hyperburner is a game that will test your reflexes, skills, and nerves as you fly at breakneck speeds through stunning environments.

What is Hyperburner?

Hyperburner is a game developed by Bad Potion, an indie studio based in Australia. It was released in 2016 for iOS devices and later in 2020 for Android devices. It has received positive reviews from critics and players alike, who praised its gameplay, graphics, controls, and sound design.


The gameplay

The gameplay of Hyperburner is simple but addictive. You have to steer your ship through a series of courses that vary in difficulty, length, and theme. Each course has its own obstacles, such as walls, pipes, lasers, turrets, drones, and more. You have to avoid crashing into them or getting shot down by them. You also have to collect coins and power-ups along the way that can help you boost your speed or shield your ship.

The game has six unique zones to explore, each with five stages to complete. The zones are Industrial, Badlands, Ice Fields, Volcanic Sector, Space Station Alpha, and Space Station Omega. Each zone has its own aesthetic and challenges that make it distinct from the others. As you complete each stage, you unlock the next one as well as an endless mode for that zone. The endless mode lets you fly as long as you can without crashing or dying.

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The game also has a list of challenging ace piloting goals that you can try to achieve. These goals include completing a stage without using power-ups, completing a stage without touching any walls or obstacles, completing a stage within a certain time limit, and more. Completing these goals can earn you extra coins and bragging rights.

The graphics

The graphics of Hyperburner are The graphics of Hyperburner are stunning and immersive. The game uses a minimalist but colorful art style that creates a contrast between the dark space and the bright neon lights. The game also uses dynamic lighting and shadows that add depth and realism to the scenes. The game runs at a smooth 60 frames per second, which makes the flying experience more fluid and responsive. The game also has a variety of camera angles that you can switch between, such as first-person, third-person, and top-down views.

The controls

The controls of Hyperburner are intuitive and easy to learn. You can control your ship by tilting your device or using touch gestures. You can also customize the sensitivity and inversion of the controls to suit your preference. The game also has an auto-pilot feature that you can activate by tapping the screen. This feature lets you fly through the course without steering, but you still have to avoid obstacles and enemies. The auto-pilot feature is useful for beginners or for relaxing, but it also reduces your score and coins.

Why should you play Hyperburner?

Hyperburner is a game that will appeal to anyone who loves speed, thrill, and sci-fi. Here are some reasons why you should play Hyperburner:

It's fast-paced and challenging

Hyperburner is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you fly through the courses at high speeds. The game is not easy, as you have to dodge obstacles and enemies that come at you from different directions and angles. The game also has a difficulty curve that increases as you progress through the zones and stages. The game will test your reflexes, skills, and nerves as you try to complete each course without crashing or dying.

It's smooth and responsive

Hyperburner is a game that will give you a satisfying and enjoyable flying experience. The game has a smooth and responsive gameplay that makes you feel like you are really piloting your ship. The game also has a realistic physics engine that simulates the inertia and momentum of your ship. The game also has a feedback system that lets you feel the impact of your actions, such as hitting walls, boosting, or using power-ups.

It's compatible with different devices

Hyperburner is a game that will work on different devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or TVs. The game has an adaptive resolution system that adjusts the graphics quality according to your device's performance and battery level. The game also has an offline mode that lets you play without an internet connection. The game also supports cloud saving, which lets you sync your progress across different devices.

How to download and play Hyperburner?

Hyperburner is a game that is available for both Android and iOS devices. Here are the steps on how to download and play Hyperburner:

For Android users

  • Go to the Google Play Store and search for Hyperburner.

  • Tap on the install button and wait for the download to finish.

  • Open the app and grant the necessary permissions.

  • Enjoy playing Hyperburner!

For iOS users

  • Go to the App Store and search for Hyperburner.

  • Tap on the get button and enter your Apple ID password if prompted.

  • Wait for the download to finish and open the app.

  • Enjoy playing Hyperburner!

Tips and tricks for Hyperburner

Hyperburner is a game that can be challenging and frustrating at times. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your performance and enjoy the game more:

Adjust the sensitivity

The sensitivity of the controls can make a big difference in how you steer your ship. You can adjust the sensitivity in the settings menu according to your preference. You can also choose between tilt or touch controls, or use both at the same time. Experiment with different settings until you find the one that works best for you.

Choose your ship wisely

The game has six different ships that you can unlock by completing each zone. Each ship has its own stats, such as speed, agility, shield, boost, and size. Some ships are faster but harder to control, while others are slower but more maneuverable. Some ships have stronger shields but weaker boosts, while others have weaker shields but stronger boosts. Some ships are bigger but more stable, while others are smaller but more agile. Choose the ship that suits your playstyle and the course you are playing. Practice in endless mode

The game has an endless mode for each zone that you can unlock by completing the five stages. The endless mode lets you fly as long as you can without crashing or dying. The endless mode is a great way to practice your skills and get familiar with the obstacles and enemies of each zone. The endless mode also lets you earn more coins and power-ups that you can use to upgrade your ship or unlock new ones.


Hyperburner is a game that will give you a thrilling and exhilarating flying experience. The game has a simple but addictive gameplay, stunning and immersive graphics, intuitive and easy controls, and a variety of zones, stages, ships, and modes to explore. The game is compatible with different devices and can be played offline or online. The game is also challenging and rewarding, as you have to dodge obstacles and enemies, collect coins and power-ups, complete goals, and unlock new content. Hyperburner is a game that will keep you hooked and entertained for hours.


  • Q: How much does Hyperburner cost?

  • A: Hyperburner is a free-to-play game, but it has some in-app purchases that can enhance your gameplay. You can buy coins, power-ups, or remove ads with real money.

  • Q: How do I save my progress in Hyperburner?

A: Hyperburner has a cloud saving feature that lets you sync your progress across different devices. You have to sign in with your Google Play or Game Center account to use this fe


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