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Summertime Saga Walkthrough - How to Download and Complete All Quests

Download Walkthrough Summertime Saga

If you are looking for a fun and explicit dating simulator and visual novel game, you should check out Summertime Saga. This game follows the male protagonist as he tries to find out the truth behind his father's death, while juggling school, work, and romance. You can interact with over 70 characters, explore over 20 locations, and enjoy over 30 mini-games. In this article, we will show you how to download, start, and progress through Summertime Saga, as well as how to complete every storyline in the game.

download walkthrough summertime saga

How to Download Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga is available for PC, Mac, and Android devices. You can download it from the official website or from other sources. Here are the steps to download Summertime Saga:

  • Go to of Summertime Saga.

  • Click on the "Download" button at the top right corner of the page.

  • Select your preferred platform (PC, Mac, or Android).

  • Choose a download link from one of the mirrors or torrents.

  • Wait for the download to finish and then extract the zip file.

  • Run the executable file or install the apk file on your device.

  • Enjoy playing Summertime Saga!

How to Start Summertime Saga

The main storyline of Summertime Saga begins with a cutscene where you wake up in your bedroom. You learn that your father has died in a mysterious accident and that you have inherited a huge debt from some shady people. You also meet your stepmother Debbie and your stepsister Jenny, who live with you in your house. Your goal is to find out what happened to your father, pay off your debt, and get a date with one of the many girls in town.

The first day of the game is a tutorial that introduces you to the basic gameplay elements. You will go to school, meet some of your classmates and teachers, learn about your stats and money, and unlock some locations. You will also have some choices that will affect your relationships with different characters. You can follow our for a detailed walkthrough of the first day.

How to Progress through Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga is a sandbox game that lets you explore the world at your own pace. You can choose which activities to do, which characters to interact with, and which storylines to pursue. How to Increase Your Stats

There are four stats that you need to improve in Summertime Saga: Strength, Intelligence, Charisma, and Dexterity. Each stat has a different effect on your gameplay and unlocks different options and events. You can increase your stats by doing various activities, such as working out, studying, playing games, or reading books. You can also buy items that boost your stats, such as protein powder, smart pills, or perfume. You can check your current stats by clicking on the menu icon at the top left corner of the screen.

Here is a table that shows the benefits of each stat and how to increase them:



How to Increase


Helps you win fights, impress girls, and do physical tasks.

Work out at the gym or in your basement, buy and use protein powder.


Helps you pass exams, hack computers, and solve puzzles.

Study at school or in your bedroom, buy and use smart pills.


Helps you persuade people, get discounts, and flirt with girls.

Play rap battles at the park, buy and use perfume.


Helps you play mini-games, steal items, and escape from danger.

Play games at the mall or in your bedroom, read comic books.

How to Make Money in Summertime Saga

Money is an important resource in Summertime Saga. You need money to buy items, upgrade your equipment, pay off your debt, and unlock some events. There are many ways to earn money in the game, but some are more profitable than others. Here are some of the best ways to make money in Summertime Saga:

  • Sell items: You can find and sell various items in the game, such as panties, cookies, fish, or paintings. You can sell them to different characters or shops for different prices. Some items are more valuable than others, so look for the best deals.

  • Do jobs: You can do different jobs in the game, such as delivering pizza, mowing lawns, tutoring students, or working at the hospital. Each job has different requirements and rewards. Some jobs are more fun than others, so choose wisely.

  • Gamble: You can gamble your money at the casino or the racetrack. You can play games like blackjack, poker, roulette, or slots. You can also bet on horse races or cockfights. Gambling can be risky but also rewarding if you are lucky.

  • Beg: You can beg for money from some characters in the game, such as Aunt Diane, Mrs Johnson, or Roxxy's dad. They will give you some money if you have a good relationship with them or if you do them a favor. Begging can be humiliating but also helpful if you are desperate.

  • Cheat: You can cheat your way to money by using cheats or hacks. You can use cheat codes to get unlimited money or items. You can also hack computers or ATMs to get money. Cheating can be easy but also risky if you get caught.

How to Unlock Locations in Summertime Saga

There are over 20 locations that you can visit in Summertime Saga. Each location has different characters, events, and secrets to discover. Some locations are available from the start of the game, while others require you to complete certain tasks or storylines to unlock them. Here is a list of the locations and how to unlock them:



How to Unlock

Your HouseYour home where you live with Debbie and Jenny.Available from the start.

SchoolThe place where you study and meet your classmates and teachers.Available from the start.

MallA shopping center where you can buy items and play games.Available from the start.

ParkA public park where you can relax and play rap battles.Available from the start.

Aunt Diane's HouseThe house of your aunt Diane, who grows vegetables and makes cookies.Available from the start.

BeachA sandy beach where you can swim and sunbathe.Available from the start.

Police StationThe place where the law enforcement works and keeps criminals.Available from the start.

HospitalA medical facility where you can get treated and work as a janitor.Available after meeting Mrs Johnson at school.

LibraryA place where you can read books and study with Mia.Available after meeting Mia at school.

PizzeriaA restaurant where you can eat pizza and work as a delivery boy.Available after meeting Tony at the mall.

ChurchA religious place where you can pray and meet Sister Angelica and Helen.Available after meeting Mia at school.

GymA place where you can work out and meet Master Somrak and Erik.Available after meeting Erik at school.

Cosmetic LabA secret lab where you can get cosmetic surgery and meet Dr Priya Singh.Available after meeting Dr Priya Singh at the hospital.

CemeteryA place where you can visit your father's grave and meet Eve and Grace.Available after meeting Eve at school.

Tattoo ParlorA place where you can get tattoos and meet Larry and Annie.Available after meeting Larry at the beach.

CinemaA place where you can watch movies and meet Ivy and Daisy.

Available after meeting Ivy at the mall.


CasinoA place where you can gamble and meet Maria and Ronda.


Available after meeting Maria at the police station.


RacetrackA place where you can bet on horse races and cockfights and meet Liu Wang and Consuela.


Available after meeting Liu Wang at the casino.


DockA place where you can fish and meet Captain Terry and Aqua.


Available after meeting Captain Terry at the beach.


MansionA luxurious place where you can meet Mayor Rump, Becca, Miss Bissette, and Yazmin.


Available after meeting Mayor Rump at the park or Miss Bissette at school.


BarnA place where you can help Aunt Diane with her farm chores and animals.


Available after visiting Aunt Diane's house a few times.


DungeonA secret place where you can find treasure and fight monsters with June, Odette, and Ross.


Available after completing June's storyline.

How to Complete Every Storyline in Summertime Saga

One of the main attractions of Summertime Saga is the variety of storylines that you can follow. There are over 20 characters that you can date or befriend in the game, each with their own personality, backstory, and events. You can choose which characters to pursue, or try to complete them all. Each storyline has different requirements, rewards, and endings. You can check your progress by clicking on the phone icon at the top right corner of the screen. You can also use


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