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Love Breakups Zindagi Hindi Movie [TOP] Full Hd

LMAOOOO cliched bollywood love story dude. I mean, it's a 2011 movie so whatever, but yeah, only watched it cause I love them songs from this movie. This movie made me cringe and laugh on it throughout. It's a 2:30hr movie, I have no idea how I completed it, took me two days tbf.Also SRK makes an appearance lmao. Guess movies like this remind me why I don't watch bollywood movies anymore. This review is so negative holy shit, sorry lmao

Love Breakups Zindagi hindi movie full hd

Now, let me take a moment here and see if I can understand how this works. The full wedding celebration seems to last about a week or two weeks. There is an initial core group of guests who arrive early on and essentially enjoy a house party, food and rooms and activities are provided, and in return they cheerfully pitch in and prepare for the bigger events, the Sangeet performance, decorating the house, and so on and so on. Other movies tend to focus on the big spectacular parts of it, jumping from the festive mehndi song to the amazing high protection values Sangeet performance, to the massive emotional wedding ceremony. But this movie takes its time and lets us see behind the curtain, the at home guests part, not just the big showy outsider part.

Well, theres no doubt, Love Breakups Zindagi is as clichd as it can get! From the storyline to climax; there is nothing unique about this film. However, some movies besides all its flaws are just meant to bring that one smile to the face after a tedious long day, and LBZ does exactly that. Besides its feel-good factor, the realism maintained in the film is impressive. From the dialogues to its scenes, it all seems taken out from real life. Be it Zayed or Cyrus conversations or even the marriage dance practices, the film follows a very natural realistic flow. Also, Zayed Khan and Dia Mirza being a fresh pair share some fantastic chemistry. Though, the biggest plus point for the film is that it has no unnecessary drama. Where dramatic scenes are usually a compulsory part of any love story, LBZ doesnt have much of it. There is no extra rona-dhona, no love sacrifices, no painful separations, nothing at all! The entire film is treated in a very light entertaining manner which works for it brilliantly. In fact its subtle nature adds to the "real life" effect. However, LBZ does have its share of flaws. As mentioned, the film is extremely predictable. From the very first scene, any normal viewer can predict the entire film. Also, there is not much substance in the main storyline itself. Two committed people meet, fall in love and get together as a perfect couple after their respective breakups thats all to its story! The film could have brought in something different with its parallel storylines; however, it fails to do so. In fact, except Cyrus and Tiscas story, the film doesnt give much scope to any of the parallel stories. Lastly, the film is extremely slow. It might be the films requirement; however, the film could definitely have done with a slightly faster pace.

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Armed with the winning combination of beauty with brains, Ms. Dia Mirza stormed through the Miss India Contest and thereafter the Miss Asia-Pacific Pageant, winning the coveted title for India, after a wait of 29 long years. The win made her an overnight sensation back home in India. But Dia isn't one to rest on her laurels. She began training to be an actor in the Hindi Film Industry by attending theatre workshops conducted by the acclaimed director Feroz Abbas Khan. She soon transitioned into movies and debuted with Vashu Bhagnani's Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein, a movie counted amongst India's most successful and loved Romantic Dramas. In the last decade, Dia has appeared in several successful films, including the blockbuster Munnabhai series, Parineeta, Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. and many more. In 2012, she forayed into regional cinema with Bengali Filmmaker Pratim Dasgupta's, Paanch Adhyay. The film didn't just see success in India, but was also screened by various Film Festivals across the world. In the same year, Dia also added a new dimension to her cinematic career, by turning producer along with writer-director and now husband, Mr. Sahil Sangha to form Born Free Entertainment. The couple have successfully produced two acclaimed films, 'Love, Breakup, Zindagi' and 'Bobby Jasoos' under their banner.


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