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Pelissero reported that under the current collective bargaining agreement, the union, the NFL management council or any individual player has the right (independently or collectively) to bring forward a complaint about an alleged failure to follow the league's concussion protocol, which will then be investigated and resolved by the NFLPA and the league's management council.


Erroneous death certificates and faulty reporting practices are partially responsible for few senior deaths being investigated. But there's another factor: Many coroners and medical examiners resist looking into these cases.

In the first four and a half years after the measure's passage, Malcolm reported 86 deaths to other authorities. The number represented a small fraction of the roughly 4,000 nursing-home deaths he and his staff investigated, but it was big enough to suggest there were widespread care problems.

Kedric Payne, a vice president of the Campaign Legal Center and an ethics expert who previously worked as deputy chief counsel at the OCE, said it is rare for a member to be investigated by the OCE twice in one year.

In evaluating whether political or ideological affiliations played a role in the deselection of 2006 Honors Program and SLIP candidates, we investigated how the three members of the Screening Committee conducted their reviews, and we attempted to determine why the Committee deselected specific candidates. In the following sections, we first discuss the limited documentary evidence that exists recording the recommendations and decisions by Committee members. Second, we discuss the explanation that each Committee member provided to us, or that we discovered from other available evidence, concerning how that member conducted his or her review of candidates. Third, we provide our analysis and conclusions regarding whether each member of the Committee used political or ideological affiliations in evaluating and deselecting applicants.

An investigation is a response to a report of child abuse or neglect when there is an identified need to collect physical and/or verbal evidence to determine if a child has been abused or neglected and to decide whether an individual should be listed in the Central Registry. Investigations are co-investigated with law enforcement when possible.


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