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30 Day No eXcuseS Challenge

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Color Finale Pro 1.9.2

Think of a Preset as an adjustable LUT that can be tuned to work with multiple source video types. Technically Presets are macros of color correction settings, and in our case, these are created by professional film / TV colorists.

Color Finale Pro 1.9.2

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Editors / Videographers - Presets are equally valid for those Final Cut Pro users who understand the color grading process, but want a professionally color graded look (a Preset) to start with. Using Color Finale 2 or Color Finale 2 Pro, users can then make stylistic adjustments to their Presets to better suit their content.

The black road uniforms remained largely unchanged throughout this span, with the letters in white with red trim. The white home uniform, on the other hand, featured some subtle changes. While the letters were in black with red trim, the "Sixers" logo was initially gold, but in 2000, the color was changed as black. Also in 2000, the black background and red outline within the "Sixers" logo were removed. A blue alternate uniform was introduced in the same year, with the letters in white with red trim; the arm piping was removed after only one season. All three designs contained a gold star on the neckline, added the alternate "streaking 76" logo on the shorts, and featured the "Sixers"logo written in the same manner as the logo, with the silver star affixed atop the "I".[88][96]


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