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Animate2 For Daz Studio Serial N [BETTER]

Hmm, according to the site and product library, I own AniMate2 (apparently bought it back in 2008 - Order #3970197 if that helps) but I don't have a serial number for it in "My Serial Numbers"? Whats currently in my DAZStudio is AniMate Lite.

Animate2 For Daz Studio Serial N

Download File:

Hey there, I've experienced a similar situation with my Daz Studio Pro. I recently purchased the animated ocean product and installed it. Upon trying it out I discovered to my surprise I only now have aniMate Lite with my DZ 4.10. Now this baffled me because I knew I had aniMate 2 with my previous version of DZ 4.8 which I still have on my old pc. So I fired her up and checked to be sure I wasn't losin' it and sure enough it still has the working version of aniMate 2 on it. It seems that since loading v. 4.8 and later upgrading to v 4.10 along the way my aniMate 2 was down graded to aniMate Lite and is now requesting a serial number I don't have and can't locate anywhere.

Ok I can understand that possibility but the downgrade from aniMate 2 to Lite is still the end result. So if aniMate 2 is aniMate Lite with a serial where then did the serial go. I;m not attempting to grumble on about it really. I am simply stating that with all explanations given the fact remains that now you have it, poof now you don;t.

From what I read to edit aniblocks one can use keyMate, graphMate and aniMate 2. But they aren't in the store. AniMate 2 is listed as plugin inside of daz studio with the option to enter a serial number but the store link doesn't work. How can one buy AniMate 2?

It's in help menu > about installed plugins just in case you don't know where to enter your serial. To find the serial go to ; then there is a lock icon on the top right, click on that to see all the serial numbers.

Gah I really do have New Years Eve brain! Thank you folks, I was thinking I had to install the downloadable .exe file BEFORE it would appear in my plugin dialogue for the serial number.Have just shut down/reopened Daz and it's showing up in the Plugins tab as it should be. Thanks for braining for me today when mine clearly isn't :D

in the Dazshop it states that animate 2 is included with studio4 , and to check your available serials in your account to activate it.I seem to be lacking that serial number, everyother one under the sun, but animate2 serial

No, DS4 only includes a 30-day trial of Animate2, after which it reverts to AnimateLite. Animate2 is a paid item. You don't need to install it, as the code is already in DS4, but you need the serial number after 30 days.

DAZ Studio 4 Install & Activation Instructions: The aniMate2 plug-in is included with the DAZ Studio 4 installer and is installed automatically, but is not activated until you enter a valid serial number for it.To activate aniMate2 in DAZ Studio 4, go to the "Help" menu and select "About Installed Plugins". Next, find the entry for aniMate2 and click on the "Register" button and then type or paste in your serial code into the Serial Number field. Finally, click on the "Accept" button to finish registration. The aniMate2 serial code will be listed in your "Available Serial Codes" section of your account after you order this product.

If you have the serial number, it makes sense to enter it as soon as you install DS4, so that it will not time out after 30 days. It has always been a paid for plugin, and the 30 day trial of it has been around for some time.You still have Animate Lite, although it does not have the full functionality of Animate 2.

It looks as if it is already activated - if you had a serial number for AniMat2 in DS3 that is all you need, as far as I know, I don't think you need to buy again for DS4 (though you would have had to enter the serial number).

What's happened to Animate Lite on my laptop?? I'm not a newbie to DAZ, been here a few years and spent hundreds on products. All of a sudden I;ve lost animate Lite. I uninstalled DAZ (a few times) and re-installed it. I was using DAZ 4.6 Pro, so I even installed DAZ 4.6 Beta, but still nothing. I tried re-installing Animate 2 but when I looked at my serial numbers it looks like they've had a spring clean, no Animate 2.. Without it DAZ Studio is useless to me now.

If by any chance you entered a invalid Serail code in the AniMate serial slot it will fully disable Animate in any form even AniMate lite. If you do not have a Valid AniMate2 serial code you never enter anything in that area. If you do it all goes away. The only fix is to remove your DAZ Studio config file(s) and start over to get it all back.

If you've installed AniMate2 I suspect you've replaced a working version (bundled with DS) with a non-working version - if you highlight the greyed out entry in About installed Plug-ins does the box at the bottom say it's for the wrong version? If so, uninstall the separate plug-in and then reinstall DS to get the bundled version, then enter your serial number if you haven't already done so.

That's odd - mine is the same, except that for Evaluation Information it says 0 days remaining. I can see you hae the pro serial number entered, which was one of my thoughts, so I think you need to open a support ticket.

Entering the DS4+ Pro serial number is your issue. AniMate2 is not activated with a DS Code, it comes with it's own serial code from GoFigure when you BUY the full version. When you entered a invalid code in the Plugin you DEACTIVED it. Nothing is going to bring AniMate2 or Animate Lite back on your PC except purchasing the Plugin and entering a Valid registration code now. That or a 100% Clean install of your full system again, which if your like me just is not a option.

No AniMate entry at all in the About Installed Plug-ins list? That's very odd, even if the wrong serial number had disabled it or the wrong version was preventing it from loading there should some kind of entry.

animate 2 plugin is listed (but disabled) - see attached image. I have not a license for animate2 nor tried to enter any serial to enable it. Just wanted to use animate Lite plugin, but I can't find it anymore...

Thanks, but as I wrote above can get the pane back by re-installing DAZ3D Studio (after uninstall and manual registry and file cleaning), but when I close and restart DAZ3D Studio again is same the problem back. Tried more than five times. The animate2.dll is present in my plugin directory( C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4\plugins) , but it seems to be disabled in DAZ3D Studio....

I did get the same message from support together with a temporary fix that is based on installing an alternative animate2.dll plugin until the problem is resolved. Solved my problem - Animate lite is now up and running. Great to have solution-oriented support from DAZ!

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