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Assassins Creed Rogue Download Rg Mechanics 14

In August 2009 Media Molecule announced that a future update would add water to the game.[22] The additional Create Mode tools were released as part of a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed downloadable content pack on 22 December 2009. Much like the Metal Gear Solid pack, the premium downloadable content pack contains six new levels and also unlocks new creator tools allowing users to use the new mechanics in their levels. These tools include a Global Water Object allowing users to trigger changes in the water properties of their levels as well as a water-activated switch, a scuba-gear pick-up and a bubble machine. The pack also features Pirates of the Caribbean-themed stickers, decorations, music, backdrops, objects and materials.[98] Whilst users are required to purchase this pack in order to create levels with these tools, users are able to play levels utilising the features whether they purchase the pack or not.[99]

Assassins Creed Rogue Download Rg Mechanics 14


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