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Katie Couric Asks Sarah Palin About Her Joke About Joe Biden’s age

#33So you are saying that racism in the USA is different to racism elsewhere - you are having a laugh!!!The principal reason why anyone should assume "racism" in any given situation is because the two people at the heart of the disagreement are different. That is also at the root of sexism, of religious bigotry, of fat versus thin, of tall versus short. If we want to get delicate about a "difference" it means that we haven't grown up and so we resort to the difference. The big difference for people with physical differences is that neither can hide from the other, not should they want to.Racism is a part of the huge game of scapegoat, victim, unworthy, unloved, uncared for. Unfortunately for us all this masks true racism where there is a deliberate act BECAUSE of the difference and no other reason.Obama's accession has already lead to arguments about whether he is "truly" black and so we can already see signs of the fragile premise upon which the hype has been built. My argument is that the whole thing is outrageously unhealthy and yet our media are thumping it out like there is no tomorrow.I'll repeat - it is not momentous. It is just another presidential election. In four years time you can tell me I was wrong or I will blog and willingly admit to it.

Katie Couric asks Sarah Palin about her joke about Joe Biden’s age

My dear LordBeddGelert - I bow to your superior wisdom and confess to a bad case of cynicism.Posting from the ex-African colonies, I can inform our Dear Journalist that African-Africans, as opposed to African-Americans - have built up a healthy dose of scepticism while living under the Empirical boot.They are more cynical about Politically Correct feel-good PR that gets beamed to them via BBC World. They chortle over the latest street joke: will the White House become known as the Non-White House once Obama moves in? ;-)Africans acknowledge that they have made mistakes in the past: falling for the Cult of Personality and painting their leaders as Omniscient and Omnipotent and failing to read the small print. Now Africans in our neck of the woods are amazed to see the cream of Western journalists uncritically promoting Cult of Personality and fawning about the feet of the apparently Omniscient, Omnipotent Obama. They're concerned that journalists don't ask the hard questions: like, what is the new Prez going to do about genuine fair trade with Africa; and what will the Good Prez do about the US cotton subsidies that cripple and impoverish West African cotton farmers?


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