NXS Power On-Demand

Gain access to over 250+ full length workouts, that can be done anywhere.  Most of these workouts involve very minimal equipment.   We have a wide variety of workouts for all levels.  The 3 main pillars of health are Strength, Cardio and Flexibility. We hit all 3 in our workouts.  


HIIT-Interval Training designed to maximize your calorie burn in a short period of time.  


Chisel-Longer duration workouts designed to strengthen and tone.  These are low impact workouts that hit all areas of the body.


Recovery- Flexibility & Range of Motion are a key to long term health.  These workouts are the perfect compliment to our Chisel & HIIT workouts.  You will feel refreshed after these workouts.   



900 am to 800 pm

Friday & Saturday

900 am to  200 pm

Find Us
6077 Spring Ridge Pkwy
Frederick, MD 21701
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