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NXS Power Live

Gain access to our live and on-demand workouts from multiple trainers. We feature 15 live and 300+ full-length on-demand workouts.  Most of these workouts involve very minimal equipment and can be done anywhere.  We have a wide variety of workouts for all levels.  The 3 main pillars of health are Strength, Cardio, and Flexibility. We hit all 3 in our workouts.  



HIIT-Interval Training designed to maximize your calorie burn in a short period of time.  


Chisel-Longer duration workouts designed to strengthen and tone.  These are low impact workouts that hit all areas of the body.


Recovery- Flexibility & Range of Motion are a key to long term health.  These workouts are the perfect compliment to our Chisel & HIIT workouts.  You will feel refreshed after these workouts.   

How will you stay motivated? Through our innovative NXS Power Point program.  We can track your workouts with our NXS Heart Rate Training Program.  Track your workouts anywhere in the world.  Compete against others. We set your goal for you.

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Here is a sample of one of our dynamic workouts.