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The cry broke off, and Lesha's loud swearing became audible. We climbed the stairs and looked outside. Lyosha bent over one of the sofas in the hall, Natasha was spread out on it

— Bitch! You promised you wouldn't do it again. Where did you take it? Where did you hide, I ask you?!

Natasha, giggling stupidly, grabbed his legs. Lyosha swung and hit her several times. Well struck, the sounds were very substantial. Natasha laughed even louder. We slipped along the wall to the kitchen.

Lesha, having cursed his girlfriend a couple more times, stomping irritably, went down to the basement. I looked into the hall. Natasha, continuing to giggle and mutter something, fidgeted on the sofa. Realizing that she had nothing to do now, I returned to the basement door and, having closed it, locked it, fixing it with a turn of the handle.


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